Hammer Price TierBuyer's PremiumCap
$0.00 - $4,999.99 13.00%
$5,000.00 - infinity 10.00%$1,000.00

PAYMENTS ARE DUE BY CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON JANUARY 30TH. Unpaid invoices left over at end of business on January 30th will be listed as no-shows unless arrangements have been made.

Payment methods include cash, credit card up to $5,000, cashier's check, Apple Pay and wire transfers. Buyers are encouraged to pay online through the K-BID Dashboard prior to removal. 

Check policy: Trader Auction & Liquidation accepts personal checks up to $2,500 with a valid photo I.D. Returned check fee is $35 or maximum allowable by law. We reserve the right to refuse any check. Amounts over $2,500 paid with check must be with certified funds.

13% Buyer's Premium applies to all items on this auction. Sales tax of 7% is applicable on some items. Contact us if you want to know if an item is subject to sales tax. As a general rule, sales tax will be added to items that would have been sold as retail goods or services by the seller in their normal course of business. 

Resale Certificates: if you wish to claim a sales tax exemption on your purchases, please provide Trader Auction & Liquidation with a completed IOWA sales tax exemption form (copy this link to access the form: https://tax.iowa.gov/forms/iowa-salesuseexcise-tax-exemption-certificate-31-014 ). Resellers from out of state must also complete the Iowa form. Forms from your home state or universal forms will not be accepted. 

NEW POLICY IN EFFECT SEPT 1, 2020: A daily storage rate of $1.50/day per lot will be owed on items held for pick up at a later date. This charge does not apply to lots being shipped. Maximum storage time for paid lots is 21 days following the closing of the auction. Paid lots left behind for more than 21 days are considered abandoned and will become the property of Trader Auction & Liquidation. No notice or reminders will be made.  

Items have not been tested unless otherwise described in the lot descriptions. Trader Auction & Liquidation makes no warranty as to the condition of items offered herein. Buyer is responsible for inspecting equipment prior to purchase. Used equipment comes with used equipment issues, including minor mechanical issues, interior and exterior imperfections. Pick up day is not inspection day. 

House of Sports and Trader Auction & Liquidation are not responsible for accidents, injuries or damage to property while visiting the auction site. Mask use and social distancing are required. If you do not wish to follow the mask policy, curbside service is available.

Auction managed by Trader Auction & Liquidation, Clear Lake, Iowa