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Closing Monday
09/23/2019 06:45 pm CDT
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Auction Location: 8535 Park Ridge Dr, Mountain Iron, MN 55768 / Phone: 218-969-3834

Household, Estate & Personal Property, Vehicles & Marine

Welcome to the third Lake Country Power Co-Op members only auction!  As a benefit to our members, we will be liquidating a number of items via online auction.   The auction will be managed by North Auctions out of Hibbing, MN through K-BID.com


Important:  Only Lake Country Power  members or their spouses are allowed to bid and will be awarded items on this auction.  Non-members are not allowed to bid and will not be awarded items.

Account information on K-BID must match your account information for Lake Country Power.  

Registration is free and easy - only winning bidders will be required to pay for the items they have won.

Bidding Tips:

All bids placed on K-BID can be in a max bid format.  You can either bid the next required bid or an amount above that.  Meaning that you can place a bid of $5,000 and the system will bid on your behalf against other bidders until that amount has been exceeded.  Other bidders do NOT have access to your max bid information. 

Do not include dollar signs or commas while placing bids. You will need to include dollars and cents.  A bid of $5,000 should be placed like this:  5000.00 

Lots will remain open until no bid has been received for 3 minutes.  This is referred to as extended bidding and eliminates bid sniping.  

Please read and understand the auction terms on the bottom of each auction page.  A 13% Buyers premium will apply to items sold up to $5,000 and 10% up to $10,000.  BP is capped at $1000/item.  

This auction is password protected for Lake Country Power Co-Op Members. 

The password is:  lakecountry

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