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Brand New and Customer Returns Auction # 112 by Action Auction

538 25th Ave NO, St. Cloud, MN 56303

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09:16 pm CDT
1w 4d

7    Newhero Transplanter Tool

Gardening Aprons 

MN Home Outlet Auctions Burnsville #47 by MN Home Outlet - Burnsville

2300 West Hwy 13, Burnsville, MN 55337

Current Bid: $5.00
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High Bidder: # 25709
Scheduled Close
08:47 pm CDT
2d 13h 13m

Used, remain in good shape and condition, inspect in person. 

Plants that grow inside a cage utilize the sides of the cage to support the stems and need fewer ties. Place one plant inside the cage and guide the stems through as they grow. This 42 in. heavy-duty tomato cage is ample enough to help keep even the largest tomato plants contained and under control without blocking sunlight or rain. Keeps plants growing tall and off the ground for better air circulation. Large openings make harvesting easy. Reusable and great for the organic gardener. Can be used in a garden bed, raised garden, or for container gardening. Cages are easy to take up at the end of the season for storage.