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HVAC Business Inventory Liquidation by Custom Sales and Consignments

1227 Highway 60 West, Faribault, MN 55021

Current Bid: $5.00
Next Required Bid: $6.00

High Bidder: # 255271
Scheduled Close
08:06 pm CDT
3w 3d

UEI Gas Leak Detector

Industrial, Machining, HD Shop by Twin Pines Auction Services

110 8th St, Sandstone, MN 55072

Current Bid: $5.00
Next Required Bid: $6.00

High Bidder: # 264160
Scheduled Close
07:20 pm CDT
Metal detector, 4"x6", Goring Kerr, British

Star Wars, Jewelry, and Furniture #123 by Action Auction

538 25th Ave NO, St. Cloud, MN 56303

Current Bid: $17.00
Next Required Bid: $18.00

High Bidder: # 62738
Scheduled Close
08:29 pm CDT
6d 12h 57m
  • Star Wars Darth Vader 

  • 48 inch Darth Vader figure
  • A motion detector triggers sounds and phrases from Vader to enhance the play
  • May the force be with you

Current Bid: $0.00
Next Required Bid: $5.00

Scheduled Close
07:03 pm CDT
3d 11h 31m

industrial  Mirror 


Round Security Convex Mirror, Detector Industries Division, The Seco Company

Holiday, Home Decor, Flooring, Household, Yard, Groceries, More! by Asset Liquidation Auctions

211 McLeod Ave W, Winsted, MN 55395

Current Bid: $0.00
Next Required Bid: $5.00

Scheduled Close
09:10 pm CDT
1w 3d
Royal Sovereign RCD-2000 Counterfeit Currency and ID Detector Open Box Retail $29.99 F-0

Northstar Kimball August Consignments #2 by NorthStar Kimball

31 Hazel Avenue, Kimball, MN 55353

Current Bid: $5.00
Next Required Bid: $6.00

High Bidder: # 8381
Scheduled Close
06:45 pm CDT
1d 11h 13m
Croquet, badminton set, horse shoes, cross bow, Bounty Hunter metal detector, dart board, Ring-A-Tac-Toe and more.

August Consignments #1 Lawn Mower, Ammunition & Exercise Equipment by DRA Auctions

26343 410th Ave SW, Fisher, MN 56723

Current Bid: $130.00
Next Required Bid: $135.00

High Bidder: # 150926
Scheduled Close
08:00 pm CDT
1w 1d

72" Toro Groundsmaster Lawn Mower 

Fuel: Diesel

Deck Size: 72" Cut

Year of manufacture: 1982

The body is in overall good shape, starts, and has a hydrostatic transmission. The tires hold air, the seat is comfortable and has been stored in doors during the winter.

There are many problems with this mower that you may want to read before bidding. 

The deck on the right side has a big crack on it and was welded many years ago. It will need welding again to fix it up or rocks and sticks will shoot out at you. 

The motor leaks fuel around the injectors slightly, this will at times make it hard to run and will slowly kill the engine. Once the motor gets enough fuel it will run. 

The electrical system does not work. The ignition does turn the starter over but no gauges work. Due to the electrical problems the shut off mechanism is unplugged and works by hand. You need to push the button on it to stop the engine. 

The fuel pump was replaced new in the early 2000's and runs via alligator clip from the pump to the positive post on the battery. 

The starter was replaced by a new one in the early 2000's.

The electrical system does draw power from the battery so it is best to unhook the negative cable when not in use.

It takes a good strong battery to keep this mower starting year after year. Put a charger on it once in a while to keep it powered up. 

The alternator does not work.

Transmission is in good shape but has a very slight leak to it. I think it is a seal problem of some sort.

The back frame has been welded please see the pictures

PTO is original and has not caused any problems

No problems with the radiator

Tires are getting bare

There is a lot of mower left here. It may not be perfect for a town lawn but for rural areas or mowing trails would be ideal.

Call Danny at DRA Auctions with questions at 218-289-4134. 

This is my mower and I proudly used it for 15 years. I just cant weld the mower deck and the small problems just started to add up. I bought a different mower three years and this has been sitting in my barn since then. 

I have repaired or replaced many things so let me know if you want to know what they are. 

Philip Kopecky Estate Sale by DRA Auctions

13720 400th Ave NW, Angus, MN 56762

Current Bid: $927.77
Next Required Bid: $977.77

High Bidder: # 64838
Scheduled Close
08:00 pm CDT
3d 12h 28m

830 Case Diesel Tractor with Case-O-Matic

Comes with Dual Tires (not shown but are in the barn)

PTO Works

Three point works

The gauges that work are the Amp, oil pressure, and temperature gauge. The others do not. (fuel & RPM)

The fuel system has a slight leak to it.

Tires hold air but are old. 

Stored indoors. 

Tractor starts but needs new (6 volt) batteries. It took us two battery chargers and a third battery to get it started. If you want to drive it on to a trailer please bring the necessary tools to start it. Such as new battery or one's to supplement the current battery system. I used it all day to pull the other tractors out of the barn and it started every time that one day. The next day it did not have enough cranking amps to start. Please call Danny at 218-289-4134 with any questions. 

The fuse holder fell out so the lights do not work.

It also come with a few manuals.

Philip Kopecky Estate Sale by DRA Auctions

13720 400th Ave NW, Angus, MN 56762

Current Bid: $41.00
Next Required Bid: $42.00

High Bidder: # 250545
Scheduled Close
08:07 pm CDT
3d 12h 35m

2 Vintage Pioneer Fanning Mill's plus accessories

7 Rollers

several screens 

1 auger 

It was stored in a small shed. One was sitting where the roof leaked so one has been wet and parts are rotten. The other one was stored where there was no leak and is better.

This is a project for you as nothing works or is complete.

I did all the hard work and pulled it out of the shed and it is in a easy place to load up.

Manufactured in Minneapolis, Minnesota 

I will help you load this up.

Call Danny at 218-289-4134 for details.