COVID-19 and the K-BID Community

Posted: 03/16/2020

Safety is our highest priority.

During these uncertain times, has taken the appropriate measures to make sure that our bidders, affiliates, and their staff continue to be safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Like others, we are uncertain of what lies ahead but have instructed our affiliates to take appropriate precautions and we have some basic tips for buyers who continue to purchase on

• During auction removals, affiliates have been informed to keep a safe distance and recommend that buyers keep a 6-foot distance if waiting in line.
• Buyers are encouraged to check out shipping options available on auctions.
• Consider paying online prior to coming to the removal to reduce the amount of back and forth with credit cards and cash transactions.
• Affiliates have been instructed to stay home if they or their staff are sick.
• Alternate or later removals have been encouraged if a buyer becomes ill and is not able to retrieve their items in time.
• We ask that buyers use precaution and not attend or bid on auctions if shipping is not available and they show any signs of illness.
• The typical busy times for auction removals are first thing in the morning, near lunchtime and right before the removal ends. Consider coming to the auction removal during off-peak times.

Together, we believe that we can continue to be your preferred online auction venue while making the safety of all involved the highest priority.

Thank you for choosing K-BID and supporting countless local, small businesses that rely on our amazing customers. We hope to see you soon!

K-BID Staff