Website Interruption Notice 4-25-21

Posted: 04/25/2021

Site Interruption Notice 4/25/21

On 4/25/21 at approximately 7:18 PM CST, experienced a website interruption that prohibited users from interacting with the website. In accordance with our website interruption policy and website terms, all impacted auctions will be extended 24 hours to allow all interested bidders an opportunity to participate. The following auctions have been impacted by this interruption and will be rescheduled to close on Monday, April 26th:

If you were participating in these auctions or received an emailed invoice notification, please be aware that the auctions will be reopened in accordance with our terms noted below. If online payment was made, a refund will be issued as the invoice is invalid.

The cause of this interruption is being investigated. No private user information has been compromised. Our stated terms/and policy is as follows:

Website Interruption

K-BID is committed to doing everything possible to ensure the reliability of our website. Unfortunately, there are factors outside our control that can impact access to If becomes inaccessible at any point during an auction closing, the following protocol will be followed:

  • Auctions that have closed prior to the website going down, will remain closed and the winning bidder invoices will be sent out.
  • Auctions in the process of closing, regardless of how many lots have closed or have yet to close, will be reopened and the auction closing will be extended by 24 hours. Lots that closed prior to the website going down, will be reopened for bidding; the winning bidder will be the lead bidder upon the website becoming accessible again.
  • Auctions scheduled to begin closing during the time the website is inaccessible, and for the 15 minutes following the website coming back online, will have the auction closing time extended by 24 hours.
  • Auctions scheduled to close more than 15 minutes after the website becomes accessible again, will close at the scheduled time.

In the event of a website interruption not covered by one of the above scenarios, K-BID reserves the right to make the final determination of how the auction will be handled.

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused, if you have any questions, please contact us using our contact page: