Seller Testimonial: Retired and Ready to Sell at Auction.

Posted: 07/27/2017

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Independent affiliates of work with thousands of sellers each year. From businesses looking to sell excess equipment and inventory - to the estate sale for the couple looking to downsize. Recently, K & C Auctions had the opportunity to work with an individual who was ready for retirement but still had to finalize the closing of his business. Years of collecting assets meant that this particular seller needed a full service solution that would net him the most return for his assets. Take a look at what he had to say about the process with K & C Auctions:

As a newly retired owner of a St. Michael, MN welding company, Tom Jacobson had a decision to make regarding the sale of his business assets. He already understood that an auction would be the most efficient way to for him to clear his building and get the best return for his assets. After meeting with several auctioneers, Tom made the decision to hire Ken Mealman of K & C Auctions to manage the auction and list the items on’s online auction venue.

“I liked Kenny from the beginning, we were a good fit.” Tom stated of his decision to choose K & C Auctions. The auction consisted of more than 400 lots from air compressors and fabrication equipment to the office furniture. K & C Auctions managed the entire auction process with Tom, leaving him with a clear building and a check.

When asked about the results of the auction, Tom stated, “A few items went a little less than anticipated but some items went far above what we expected. Overall, the total auction amount exceeded our expectations and we were very pleased with the results.” Tom still has some residual items that he plans on selling through K & C Auctions in the future.

This auction was a great success for Tom and K & C Auctions. Our network of 150+ independent affiliates manage thousands of similar auctions each year and specialize in efficient and effective asset liquidation.

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