Seller Testimonial: Trust, Compassion and Results

Posted: 08/17/2017

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“The perfect experience; I would recommend K.A.S. to anyone.” - Nancy from Buffalo, MN. :

After the loss of Nancy’s father in January 2017, selling the estate to enable her mother to downsize was the furthest thing from the family’s mind. However, with time came healing and by June the need to make a decision loomed. The family had started researching options when Nancy was referred by a friend to Independent Affiliate K.A.S and Stuff out of Brooklyn Park, MN.

Without much knowledge of the online auction process or, Nancy was pleasantly surprised when Kurt and Doug from K.A.S. sat her mother and the family down to explain their process and what they could expect in the coming weeks. “What really impressed me was how compassionate they were with my mother. They took the time and effort to let her know that she was in charge and made her comfortable by explaining exactly what would happen to her lifetime of possessions.” The family ultimately decided to contract with K.A.S., after which the process moved forward quickly. Within four weeks the estate had been catalogued, photographed, posted online for bidding and the assets removed by the winning bidders.

The auction consisted of 450+ lots from tractors and implements to household items and collectibles. K.A.S. went the extra mile to make sure a marketing campaign was executed to increase the number of bidders participating and achieve the highest return for the family. The auction was a success with more than 700 online bidders participating. More importantly, the family was ecstatic with the services that K.A.S. provided and the prices that the auction achieved.

“I trust those two guys,” was the stamp of approval that Nancy’s mother gave K.A.S. and crew. This trust was solidified when Doug and Kurt found her husband’s wedding ring that had been lost for years while prepping for the auction.

The emotions that come with the loss of a family member can be extremely difficult. K-BID is proud to work with compassionate affiliates like K.A.S. and Stuff to assist families across the Upper Midwest through difficult times like these.

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