Seller Testimonial: Easy Solution, Great Results

Posted: 11/20/2017

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“The auction process with Loretto Equipment was a hands-off, simple solution and was a perfect fit for me.”

Mark is a commercial property manager who was storing excess equipment that he no longer had a use for. Lawn maintenance, tools, trailers and a long list of other items that were no longer needed in his operations were taking up valuable warehouse space.

As a previous bidder on K-BID, Mark researched the auctions on and found an affiliate, Loretto Equipment, who regularly sold similar items. Casey Homberger from Loretto Equipment was quick to respond and get working on Mark’s project. Mark noted how easy Loretto Equipment was to work with and how the hands-off solution was exactly what he was looking for, “Casey was very personable, we clicked right away.”

In all, 166 items were sold in the auction. Loretto Equipment’s custom marketing plan and “No-Reserve” approach reached thousands of potential buyers and maximized bidding activity. Mark trusted in the auction process and was rewarded with a high bidder turnout - his auction ended up netting $10,000 more than what he anticipated.

Affiliates like Casey from Loretto Equipment know what it takes to get the best results for their clients. Each auction project on is unique and hundreds of sellers each year reap the benefits of the attention to detail and expertise provided by our experienced affiliate auctioneers.

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