Your Boat Club Auction a Success Despite Record Spring Blizzard!

Posted: 05/14/2018

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On April 22nd, the 5th annual Your Boat Club auction was successfully completed on More than 30 boats, wave runners, and pontoons were sold to the highest bidder despite record April snowfall just a week prior. The crippling amount of snow and ice was not enough to deter hardy Midwesterner's from getting the boat of their dreams.

Based out of Minneapolis, Your Boat Club is the largest privately-owned boat club in the world. They offer customers a unique subscription model to rent boats on 14 different locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Your Boat Club is committed to offering their customers an exceptional boating experience, which is why they turn over 1/3rd of their fleet each year and get a fresh batch of brand new boats in the water. Learn more about joining Your Boat Club here.

“We’ve found a great solution with K-BID to sell off our older fleet that works perfectly for us. We have time to focus on upgrading our fleet in April to get ready for the upcoming season. We couldn’t be happier with how these auctions have turned out for us.” Said Luke Kujawa, owner of Your Boat Club.

The annual boat auction is an exciting event and one of the most viewed auctions on each year. Since 2014, the Your Boat Club auctions alone have had 2.7 million-page views with an average viewership of 37,700 unique people on each auction! Many buyers are brand new to the online auction process, but quickly get comfortable when they attend the multiple inspection days and see the boats on the water.

K-BID and Your Boat Club have collaborated on 5 auctions since 2014 and have successfully sold more than 150 boats in that time. Independent affiliates of work with hundreds of businesses and individuals each year to assist in fleet reduction, business liquidations, equipment auctions, estate auctions and more. For years, we have been creating a customized asset liquidation solution to fit the needs of clients big and small.

Whether you have a fleet of boats, business assets to liquidate, or just need to downsize, has a solution for you. Contact us today for more information on the selling process on K-BID.