What is K-BID?

Posted: 11/14/2019

Online Auction Myths

What is K-BID.com and why should I use it?

Each day, hundreds of items are sold to the highest bidder on K-BID.com from local business and personal liquidations.

Anyone is welcome to register and bid on anything from vehicles, equipment, estate auctions, and much more.

Each auction is managed by an independent auction company (affiliate) who works directly with the seller to manage the auction.

Sellers can have auctions on-site, at their location or bring items to an affiliate warehouse on consignment.

Bidders have the opportunity to preview items they are interested in during the auction inspection day at the auction location (this is encouraged to get a clear picture on what you are buying.)

Auctions are typically online and open for bidding for 7-12 days and close in the evening between 6-9 pm CST.

Winning bidders can pay online (or in-person) and pick up their items at the auction location.

Some auctions will provide shipping options but this should be verified prior to bidding.

Buyers love K-BID because we have a huge variety of items and they love the chase of a deal. Our goal is to give them the best auction experience.

Sellers love K-BID because 20,000+ people visit the website each day, giving them the best chance to sell their items for market value without the hassle of other selling venues.

Thinking about buying or selling at auction? Have questions about the process or if it's the right fit for you? Click below for more information and to learn about K-BID.

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