Individual Consignments and Estate Auctions:

Many individuals and estate executors contract with independent affiliates of K-BID to liquidate household items, vehicles, entire estates, and much more. Online auctions can be the most effective way to turn unneeded or outdated items into cash. We take the guesswork out of selling items by allowing competitive bidding from thousands of local buyers to determine value.

Downsizing due to a move, selling an entire estate or just cleaning out the garage - affiliates of have a solution for you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Auctions are online for an average of 10-14 days and sellers are paid within 2 weeks of the auction closing. The entire process typically takes around 30 days. Faster timelines can be accomodated.
Each auction project is unique and costs will depend on multiple factors. Affiliates of K-BID typically work on a commission and/or fee basis and will discuss costs with you after a free consultation.
Affiliates are operating for-profit businesses and cannot accommodate all consignments if it does not make business sense. As a general guideline, a minimum of $500+ in asset value would be needed to warrant a consignment. Affiliates will guide you on items that are in demand and will create competitive bidding. Some collectible markets, outdated furniture, and electronics do not have much value in today's market and will not perform well in the auction format. has 24,000+ closed auctions with price data to give you a range of what items have sold for in the past. On average, 20,000+ buyers search each day looking for items to bid on. Our massive buying audience and expertly crafted marketing campaigns increase bidding activity and maximize your return by targeting the right buying audience for your assets.
Auctions can take place on-site at the client's location or at an affiliates location. On-site auctions are extremely popular as they reduce the costs and time required to transport assets. Buyers are only allowed on the auction site during the scheduled inspection and removal dates. The inspection and removal dates would be managed by the independent affiliate in charge of the auction.

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