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Note: This information pertains to becoming an affiliate auctioneer. If you are interested in bidding that's easy, just click here.

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Our philosophy is simple: Provide our bidders with the auctions they want and the exceptional buying experience they have come to expect.

Through this philosophy and thousands of auctions, has experienced incredible growth fueled by our network of high-quality independent affiliates. Our affiliate companies get access to first class training, support, and software to enhance their auction business. We are constantly pursuing high quality candidates to join our professional network of affiliates.

What is an independent affiliate?

Affiliates are business entities that use as a venue to present online auctions to a large audience of buyers. Affiliates are responsible for all aspects of their business; from adhering to state and federal laws, collecting and submitting sales tax and contracting with and paying consignors. Since these businesses are not agents or franchises of K-BID they are not constrained by sales quotas or territories and can operate their business when and where they choose.

Affiliates manage the auction process from start to finish and are typically compensated on a commission/fee basis that is agreed upon with the seller. Affiliates are responsible for developing their asset supply lines and seller relationships. These relationships vary by affiliate, but we have seen the primary sources of assets are:

  • Accepting consignments for one or more sellers and hosting the auction at the affiliate business location.
  • Contracting and conducting on-site auctions at the seller’s location.
  • Procuring their own supply line of assets to sell and using as an outlet for these assets.


Why join the network?


Growing Demand – Joining the affiliate network puts you on the fast track to an industry that is growing at a rapid pace. Auctions have evolved into the digital age as the switch to online venues and bidding platforms have brought in a new wave of buyers and sellers. Online auctions are quickly becoming one of the most time and cost-effective ways for individuals and businesses to efficiently liquidate used assets.

Software – K-BID’s bidding platform is not only easy and convenient for buyers; affiliates have full autonomy in conducting auctions from start to finish with multiple tools available to help expedite the process. From pre-auction formatting, to post auction settlement creation, the software was developed with the auctioneer experience and efficiency in mind.

Support – K-BID has conducted online auctions for 15+ years. We’ve had tremendous success both conducting auctions and assisting the members of our affiliate network to grow and succeed in the online auction industry.

Buyers – A large bidder base is essential to auction success. K-BID has a huge customer base of interested and motivated bidders. K-BID is committed to bringing in new buyers through our comprehensive and multi-faceted marketing strategies.

Reputation – Reputation is everything when it comes to online auctions. has an excellent reputation for conducting auctions with integrity and transparency. We guard our reputation closely. There is a strong correlation between reputation, the size of the bidder base and final sale prices. K-BID monitors affiliates and their auctions to ensure business is conducted in a way that reflects well on the website and the affiliate network.

What makes a successful affiliate?


Professionalism – Affiliates are an extension of the K-BID brand and the independent affiliate network. Successful affiliates are professional in all aspects of their business. These high standards ensure that current and future clients will receive excellent service.

Honesty & Integrity – K-BID attributes our explosive growth to an unwavering commitment to treating buyers and sellers right.

Business Experience – Affiliates are small business owners. Affiliates must understand the importance customer service, sales, marketing, contracts, time management and record keeping have on their ability to succeed.

Assets to Sell – Auction success is determined by the value of the assets that we present. Successful affiliates focus on selling assets that are in high demand that will create competitive bidding. Lower value household items, collectibles, and antiques can make it difficult to maintain profitability on our venue.

Belief in the Auction Process – Successful affiliates understand that setting a minimum price (reserve) has a negative impact to the auction process and results in lower bid prices and successful sales. The ability to educate sellers on this negative impact is an important element of affiliate success.

Don't take our word for it. 

“I can’t imagine my business without them and I wouldn’t care to be in business without them. If people look online at my auctions and see what I do – well, I give most of the credit to K-BID because they helped me develop this business into what it is today. They care, they really care.”

- Michelle from M.A. Williams Auctions/ Auctions for Business & Industry 

Apply Here 

Please thoroughly fill out the following application to give us an idea of how you would utilize our affiliate network to conduct online auctions. We receive a lot of interest in our affiliate program. Unfortunately, we can not move forward with every applicant if we do not feel they have the qualifications and business model that will be successful on our platform.

The boxes below will expand. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding your potential online auction company and your qualifications. We will respond to affiliate applications within 2 weeks of recieving them.