10 Most Popular Auctions of 2018 on K-BID.com!

Posted: 01/17/2019

2018 was a year of milestones for K-BID.com and our network of affiliates! We surpassed 300,000 registered bidders and had nearly 8 million people visit the website to bid on amazing auctions. Our network of highly qualified independent affiliates work extremely hard for their sellers in order to produce great online auctions that draw interest from tens of thousands of people. We work hand-in-hand with our affiliates to create strategic marketing plans for each auction to ensure that we are reaching the right buying audience and maximizing bids.

If you have assets to sell and do not want to leave anything to chance, affiliates of K-BID.com have the tools and experience to take your auctions results to the next level.

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More than 4,200 auctions closed on K-BID.com in 2018, resulting in thousands of happy auction clients from fortune 500 companies to individual estates. Take a look below to see our most popular auctions of 2018!

5th Annual Your Boat Club Auction

Closed 4/22/2018

One of our funnest auctions of the year and a boat lovers dream. This was our 5th annual boat auction for Your Boat Club. Each year, Your Boat Club updates their fleet to provide the newest and best boats to their members. 25+ boats are sold each year on K-BID.com just as the ice melts off the lake!

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Page Views: 631,753
Unique Visits to Auction: 46,385
Total Bidders Participating: 323
New Bidders Participating: 99
Total Bids Placed: 2304

NCS 71 Aggregate Liquidation 2018

Closed 3/06/2018

This heavy equipment auction managed by North Central Services was one of our largest auctions of the year. The seller was ecstatic with the prices and we had buyers from Alaska to Arkansas bidding on loaders, trucks, excavators and more!

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Page Views: 563,800
Unique Visits to Auction: 32,112
Total Bidders Participating: 412
New Bidders Participating: 65
Total Bids Placed: 4,177

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Rochester Millwork, Wood Moulding & Metal Fab Shop Liquidation

Closed 1/23/2018

This auction managed by A2C Auctions had a great variety of equipment and inventory. More than 600 lots were sold for this client as they looked to retire.
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Page Views: 478,038
Unique Visits to Auction:26,306
Total Bidders Participating: 282
New Bidders Participating: 106
Total Bids Placed: 5,033

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Pierz Woodworking Liquidation #3

Closed 11/27/18

Fanberg Auctions hosted multiple events for this seller out of Pierz, MN. Two warehouses were full as thousands of items were sold for the seller. Inventory, lumber, equipment, forklifts, and much more were sold to make this one of many successful woodworking auctions in 2018..

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Page Views: 440,241
Unique Visits to Auction: 19,237
Total Bidders Participating: 307
New Bidders Participating: 52
Total Bids Placed: 5,809

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NO RESERVE!!! Spring Ag Equipment Auction

Closed 4/8/2018

S&S Auctions held another great Ag Consignment auction in the Spring of 2018 and was able to help multuple clients liquidate farm equipment.

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Page Views: 301,340
Unique Visits to Auction: 17,883
Total Bidders Participating: 161
New Bidders Participating: 34
Total Bids Placed: 1,203

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North Oaks Estate General John W Vessey Jr.- Part 2 1971 M151A2 Jeep, Sterling Silver

Closed 9/10/2018

This amazing estate auction was managed by Whiteford Auctions on behalf of an esteemed US General. The auction had unique collectibles, ornate furniture, antiques and much more.

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Page Views: 518,166
Unique Visits to Auction:21,268
Total Bidders Participating: 411
New Bidders Participating: 47
Total Bids Placed: 4,980

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NCS Heavy Equipment Fall 2018

Closed 12/17/2018

North Central Services hosted a Fall Consignment Auction that had a huge following. Construction companies and contractors were able to liquidate equipment before the year end.

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Page Views: 430,915
Unique Visits to Auction: 21,162
Total Bidders Participating: 208
New Bidders Participating: 29
Total Bids Placed: 918

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J&K Discount Tire & Auto in Heron Lake

Closed 12/03/2018

This client out of Heron Lake, MN was retireing and had an entire shop of pristine equipment to liquidate. JMS Auctions exceeded the sellers expectations and sold over 500 items to buyers from multiple states.

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Page Views: 347,079
Unique Visits to Auction:15,687
Total Bidders Participating: 319
New Bidders Participating: 111
Total Bids Placed: 7,247

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Rogers, Executive Home Estate Sale: Furniture, ART, Collectibles, Furnishings..

Closed 4/19/2018

Christenson Auctions managed this excecutive estate out of Rogers, MN and it was a huge success. Furniture, tools, furnishings and much more was sold for great prices to a huge audience.

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Page Views: 544,984
Unique Visits to Auction: 17,658
Total Bidders Participating: 308
New Bidders Participating: 50
Total Bids Placed: 3,370

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City of Apple Valley Spring Sale 2018

Closed 5/08/2018

A2C works with many different municipalities to assist in liquidating surplus assets. The Spring 2018 liquidation auction for the City of Apple Valley was one of the best of the year with great running vehicles and plow equipment.

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Page Views: 482,490
Unique Visits to Auction: 18,560
Total Bidders Participating: 451
New Bidders Participating: 70
Total Bids Placed: 4,116

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