Affiliate Spotlight: Ultimate Carts

Posted: 03/26/2019

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Tim Johnson has been in the golf cart business for over a decade and runs his family business, Ultimate Carts in Otsego, MN. Ultimate Carts provides new and used golf cart sales, service and parts throughout the nation. In the Upper Midwest, golf carts can be a tough sell in the dead of winter, which puts a strain on retail golf cart sales and Tim’s ability to keep his staff busy through the slow season.

Tim needed an additional sales outlet to move more golf carts during the slow period to create cash flow and keep his staff fully employed. Then Tim found

Tim had utilized other companies in the past to supplement sales through the Winter with less than stellar results. He found through a promotion and discussions started as to how he could utilize the affiliate program to supplement his sales.

“We used to sell through another live auction company that had also had online bidding. We were only successful selling about half of our units and the results were mixed. With K-BID, we had more bidders and higher numbers than the other auctions.” – Tim

Tim joined the independent affiliate network in September of 2018 and started selling golf carts on with a no-reserve model and has yet to be disappointed.

“At first, we didn’t know what to expect, but I knew we could take a low-risk chance by selling a couple of units with the no-reserve model that K-BID recommends. To this point, we have sold over 70 units and have been very happy with the prices and bidder participation we have received. ” - Tim is the premier online auction venue in the Upper Midwest and receives 20,000+ visitors from buyers each day. Our team of marketing experts work directly with affiliates like Tim to create customized marketing plans for each auction to ensure that the right buyers are targeted to create maximum bidding participation (and bid prices).

Our goal at K-BID is to provide our affiliates, sellers and buyers with an amazing auction experience. Within our affiliate network, that means providing the support, expertise, and tools needed to produce successful online auctions.

“We were impressed with K-BID from the beginning. From our initial meetings to the back end of the software system. It’s robust, easy to use and allows us to streamline our process of creating auctions and keep track of important stats and data on bidder participation. “ - Tim

K-BID is proud to partner with great companies like Ultimate Carts and provides an online auction venue and support to 130+ independent affiliate companies. If you're interested in getting great auction results with the support of an industry-leading company – let’s talk about your options.

If you are interested in having a single auction or just have a few items to sell. Contact us today for more information on the selling process on K-BID.