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Turning assets into cash is our speciality!

Are you looking for a quick, hassle-free way to sell your assets and still maximize the return on your investment? K-BID’s Independent Affiliate Network can help!

K-BID affiliates are a select group of independent auction companies and they are the only entities authorized to publish auctions on the website, which is frequented by tens of thousands of active, interested bidders.

K-BID affiliates conduct hundreds of auctions each month. They have the experience and resources necessary to secure the best price possible for the assets you have to sell. K-BID affiliates:

  • Understand Auctions. They know auctions are a numbers game. The more bidders interested in an asset, the higher the bid prices climb.
  • Understand Sellers. They know seller’s gauge an auction’s success by the $ they put in their pocket. They also understand the integral role sellers play in the successful sale of their assets.
  • Understand Bidders. They know the only way to attract and keep bidders coming back is to treat them right --- by providing customer service and quality pictures and descriptions that accurately reflect the asset being sold.

Who sells assets on

You’ll find yourself in good company when you choose to sell your assets through a K-BID affiliate. In addition to thousands of individual sellers, K-BID affiliates have developed relationships and repeatedly sell the surplus assets of several major and small companies, government units and banks.

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How do I get started?

Contact information for KIA's interested in taking consignments are listed on link below. As you can see, K-BID has a large network of affiliates interested in selling your assets -- so many in fact, it may feel a little overwhelming! Below are some resources available to assist in your search for an affiliate auctioneer and some more information on the auction process.

Are you interested in becoming an independent affiliate of K-BID?

Please see this page for more information regarding the K-BID affiliate program:
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How do I get in contact with a K-BID Affiliate and how do I determine which affiliate to contact?

How does the auction process work?

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